Looking for a Store That Has Electrical Supplies for Sale?

You needn't leave Eutaw, AL to find the parts you need

You could go to a big-box retailer in a neighboring town to find electrical supplies for sale, or you could head to downtown Eutaw, AL and finish running your errands in a matter of minutes. Banks & Company is conveniently located in the center of town.

You can find all kinds of electrical supplies for sale on our shelves, including...

Light switches
Junction boxes
Electrical wiring

Want to make sure we have the parts you need before coming in? Call (205) 372-3321 now to speak with a member of our team.

Conserve energy with an outlet switch

Did you know that appliances can consume a lot of energy in standby mode? Installing an outlet switch is a good way to save energy. Instead of trying to find wall outlet switches for sale online, come to Banks & Company to compare different types in person.

Our knowledgeable staff can recommend products that meet your needs. Visit our family-owned hardware store in Eutaw, AL today to find wall outlet switches for sale.